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  Anvir Laboratories | South Africa Limited
The Industrial HQ
Our Vision At Anvir Laboratories, our vision is to be a respected global enterprise, harnessing our talents in applying unique, innovative and competitive technologies to excel in selected markets in the energy, chemicals and related sectors in Southern Africa and worldwide.  
Our Values

A set of six Anvir core values has helped us live up to our brand promise. And these are:

  • Customer focus
  • Winning with people
  • Safety
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Continuous improvement; and
  • Integrity

Energised by our strong Anvir values, we aspire to create an environment where teams of dedicated people with diverse talents can grow to their full potential through skills development, performance rewards and participation in a safe and healthy working environment.

The many exciting products brought to you in our website under our products show astonishing results of doing business in a values-driven culture like we do at Anvir Laboratories


Anvir corporate social investment

Lending a helping hand to communities

Anvir's corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives prioritise people-centred, needs-driven and sustainable development of communities.

We support education and skills enhancement programmes, small-business development and job-creation efforts. Conserving the environment and fostering arts and culture are also critical to our social investment mix.

We play an important role in improving health care and people's wellbeing. Reducing the impact of HIV/Aids is one of our primary concerns.

Anvir CSI activities have five main objectives

  • Improving communities' quality of life.
  • Fostering a spirit of cooperation and partnership with stakeholders.
  • Enhancing the social and economic wellbeing of society by creating opportunities.
  • Leading by example and establishing best practice.
  • Encouraging voluntary employee involvement.

The ultimate goal of Anvir CSI is to impact on urgent development needs, in sustainable ways.


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